Semalt: Grepsr – An Effective Chrome Extension Platform

Grepsr is an amazing and simple web extraction platform, where users can gather and organize various data from the net. It focuses on non-technical users who are willing to pay a premium in order to have their data gathered and organized in a well-structured way. This web extraction tool offers the following advantages to its users:

Save Time and Energy

Users can extract a number of data from various web pages without having to use complicated software tools. They just have to schedule their calendar on a regular basis for scraping tasks. It's a simple scraping software program with a user-friendly interface understandable for technical users. Today many customers use this platform to generate great results for their companies. Grepsr is guaranteed to deliver them the right data whenever they need.

Uses Effective Tools and Automated Tasks

Grepsr uses some really amazing tools, as well as great support and integration. As a result, it provides an easy platform for its users, who want to use special tools to extract almost anything from the net. For example, this software program deals with B2B data, such as prices of products, lists of stocks, names, as well as business contacts.

Provide Users with an Amazing Support Team

It's not always an easy task for web searchers to extract all the data they need. For example, if they are trying to gather the prices of certain stocks from web pages and a website alters its structure, their extraction set up requires revisiting. This is a job that can be done by the Grespr experts with no extra money.

Who Uses This Scraping Software Program

There are a number of companies in the market that need to find and organize their web data, such as big agencies and retailers. They both require frequent competitive data and the experts of Grepsr can help them. Moreover, small firms may also need that help to copy and paste data from the web automatically.

Create Projects with Grepsr

When users create a certain project, this software platform analyzes them and sends back to the users a special quote (price). Once the price is set up, a data extractor is created, and the data collection process begins. Web searchers are notified by the Grepsr professionals via app notifications or emails.

This software extraction platform uses grade encryption, so the users can be certain that all their information is safe. Moreover, they need to know that any time they want, they can have full control of their data.

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